COVID-19 and Diabetes

Evidence suggests that people with diabetes are more likely to suffer severe symptoms wen contracting COVID-19. The CORONADO Study provides the details.

Diabetes and the Coronavirus

Tracey Brown, CEO of the American Diabetes Association, speaks out on the perils of being diabetic during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Case For Online Community Support for Diabetics

I absolutely depend on several online support communities like those discussed here.

A New Take on Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Many of us diabetics now use CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) technology to track our blood sugar levels. Development of the CGM was truly a leap forward in managing diabetes. For those of you who do not know how a CGM works, the hardware is a transmitter that clicks into a sensor which is then attached […]

Dexcom 6 Is A Big Step Forward

I currently wear the Dexcom 5 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and really like what it does for me. I am now convinced that every Type I diabetic should be wearing a CGM. It gives you so much better information and it's almost simultaneous (5 minute delay).  The Dexcom 6 is now being rolled out and […]

AHCA, the Better Care Reconciliation Act and Diabetes

Healthcare reform is always a fraught issue for diabetes. Most of us diabetics pay close attention to find out where we stand. In this case the devil, once again, is in the details. The Republican House plan, the American Health Care Act, and the Senate version called the Better Care Reconciliation Act both get nasty […]

Mad Science at Google

The scientists at Google are rapidly becoming the Thomas Edisons of the 21st century. Now they haver taken on continuous glucose monitoring for managing diabetes.  Based on miniaturization developed for cell phones, they have created a non-invasive monitoring device in the form of a contact lens. No more finger pricks, no kidding. But, it is […]

The Dog Ate My Homework, Or Was It My Toe?

After a pitcher of margaritas, Jerry Doutthet fell asleep and the dog ate his toe. That’s right, he didn’t wake up until the toe was already gone. Yeah, I think that might get me to the doctor to get my Type II diabetes treated. Bad dog, Kiko.