The Quest for an Artificial Pancreas

More correctly, we are talking about an artificial pancreas system. Using technology, there have been some real breakthroughs in mimicking the pancreas for Type I diabetics recently. We have synchronized continuous measurement glucometers to track blood sugar levels now linked with pumps to administer the necessary insulin. The latest advancement is adding glucogon to the […]

Who knows how much it costs? University of Utah does.

It's pretty hard to reduce costs in healthcare if you don't know how much things costs. Really. Most hospitals do not have a handle on how much it costs to provide care for patients. That is astounding to most of us since we know how much the bills are when we get them. We also […]

iPhone Hearing Aids

As the big hearing aid manufacturers duke it out for market share, they usually concentrate on acquiring practice groups which then become distribution hubs for their products. Rarely is there a product that helps drive new customer acquisition. The Lyric, when it first arrived, was a real innovation that created that kind of stir. ReSound […]

The New Old Medicare Advantage

I ran across this article about how Medicare Advantage is back in the spotlight, this time as a model for future private/public partnerships in creating viable healthcare insurance plans. With lower CMS subsidies than in the past, Medicare Advantage has been forced to get more efficient in delivery of services and in keeping their costs […]

Wellness Programs No Longer “Nice to Haves”

Wellness and disease management programs have moved from "interesting ideas" to quantifiable programs that affect the bottom line for many companies. Humana has published data recently of programs that have slashed unscheduled absences and reduced monthly claim costs. Thjs may seem like old news but it's the data that is getting notice. Here is some […]

Neuromodulation Is Getting Hotter

About three years ago I had a meeting in Seattle with a company that felt they were on the verge of a breakthrough in treating depression and Parkinson's disease. They had terrific results in their clinical trials. They just needed to raise another round of financing to be able to finish their clinical studies and […]

Actos Verdict: What It Means for Diabetics

The market for treatent of diabetes is vast, so is the money that can be made. This verdict is a cautionary tale about admitting a problem and taking one's losses at the right time. The right time when it is clear that there is clinical evidence of a problem. The data doesn't lie. If you […]

Mobile World Congress and Diabetic Management

This  is a follow up to my most recent post on mobile apps. A blogger from Tech Soup posted this report at the Mobile World Congress. Much of the report is about how the cost of access for mobile apps will be coming down. That is good news, of course, but apps focused on diabetes […]

Usage of Diabetic Mobile Apps Lower Than Expected

With the popularity of fitness apps, especially those worn on the wrist, you would think most diabetics would find good uses for at least one the 1100 apps now available and yet only 1.2% are using them according to a recent study. The main problem is that they still require a lot of manual input […]