Great, But Could You Make My Logo Bigger?

Every once in a while, a truly funny link comes my way. I include this link, not because it is a gigantic marketing blunder but because it has some fun with typical gigantic advertising blunders. Sure whoever created Make My Logo Bigger Cream is a frustrated creative director who has been beaten down by ridiculous […]

Case Studies

Case studies demonstrate how we think about client problems and how we address them. I have included several here that you may find interesting. Practice Management Survey Report is a recent study, done with an eye towards moving the practice of audiology and hearing aid dispensing towards a more technologically sophisticated approach to managing patient care. […]

Verve Expertise by Industry

Hearing, Audiology & Otology. Wide and deep experience with both big and small companies including Miracle-Ear, Bernafon, and Zounds Hearing. Branding studies, product launches, positioning, market research, product development and usability, competitive analysis, account planning, creative testing, advertising, direct marketing, and in-store marketing. Both sales channel and retail marketing. Work includes interaction with physicians, hearing […]

What We Do

The core of our expertise is marketing intelligence and effective communications. We realize that client needs vary. Some need the complete package, others very specific and discrete services. We offer a flexible approach that may include any or all of the following: Account Planning Competitive Analysis Customer Insights Customer Segmentation Direct Marketing Focus Group Moderation […]

Late Night Basketball

For those of you who may not follow basketball as fanatically as I do, let me do a little explaining about the Late Night Basketball phenomenon. Apart from the NCAA and the NBA, there are leagues in most major cities, where there is mad competition between teams that often feature elite players who played college […]