The Price of Hearing

Audiology Now!, the hearing aid industry's largest annual convention has just concluded. For the first time, in a long time, the biggest issue was the high cost of hearing aids. The industry has for years been lobbying the US Congress to include hearing aids as a medical cost which would be covered by insurance. While […]

Actos Verdict: What It Means for Diabetics

The market for treatent of diabetes is vast, so is the money that can be made. This verdict is a cautionary tale about admitting a problem and taking one's losses at the right time. The right time when it is clear that there is clinical evidence of a problem. The data doesn't lie. If you […]

The Battle Over Healthcare

With all the bluster over government shut downs, the battle over ACA took a back seat for a while according to Kaiser Health News. The shrillness of the debate overlooks the the truly terrible performance of the ACA website and the actual implementation of health insurance on the state exchanges. 

The Yelp Problem

I don’t know about you but I often check out yelp!,  Google Local and other on-line reviewers when I am looking for new tires, a restaurant in an area I don’t know well, or a new plumber. Lately, though, with so many companies trying to game the system it calls into question how trustworthy these […]

Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be This Difficult to Figure Out

I have been there: frustrated and confused over how to get insurance with a pre-existing condition. In my case the condition is Type I diabetes. As the current pool of non-insured adults reviews its options under the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare, they are still confused and therefore hesitant to get in line […]

Surrendering to Facebook

I'm not sure I like the idea of surrendering my business identity or my personal identity to algorithms devised by Google, Facebook and the plethora of online rating systems, each of whom is trying to second guess me. They all assure me that whatever they are doing is for my own good especially if I […]

Raising Cain

To quote a famous deceased rock star, "…girl we couldn't get much higher." What is Blue Shield thinking with their next set of proposed rate hikes? 

Why Branding Matters in Politics

        Last night's debate between Senators Obama and McCain underscores the importance of branding in politics. One of the classic mistakes made by owners of brand names is to veer off the essence of the brand in trying to be all things to all people. McCain has dumped his brand in favor […]

Great, But Could You Make My Logo Bigger?

Every once in a while, a truly funny link comes my way. I include this link, not because it is a gigantic marketing blunder but because it has some fun with typical gigantic advertising blunders. Sure whoever created Make My Logo Bigger Cream is a frustrated creative director who has been beaten down by ridiculous […]