Mobile World Congress and Diabetic Management

This  is a follow up to my most recent post on mobile apps. A blogger from Tech Soup posted this report at the Mobile World Congress. Much of the report is about how the cost of access for mobile apps will be coming down. That is good news, of course, but apps focused on diabetes […]

Usage of Diabetic Mobile Apps Lower Than Expected

With the popularity of fitness apps, especially those worn on the wrist, you would think most diabetics would find good uses for at least one the 1100 apps now available and yet only 1.2% are using them according to a recent study. The main problem is that they still require a lot of manual input […]

Mad Science at Google

The scientists at Google are rapidly becoming the Thomas Edisons of the 21st century. Now they haver taken on continuous glucose monitoring for managing diabetes.  Based on miniaturization developed for cell phones, they have created a non-invasive monitoring device in the form of a contact lens. No more finger pricks, no kidding. But, it is […]

Diabetic Athletes Get Some Attention

For those of you who have been following this blog for some time, you know how frustrated I am about the lack of understanding and support in the medical community for us diabetics who are physically active. No offense, but I am not talking about people who regularly walk to stay fit. Nothing wrong with […]