The Case For Online Community Support for Diabetics

I absolutely depend on several online support communities like those discussed here.

The Price We Pay for Insulin

I wish that this was not an issue. I wish that something other than profits was the key driver in pricing for a medicine that I must have in order to stay alive. But the fact is that the price for a vial of insulin has absolutely soared over the past 10 years. Here is […]

A New Take on Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Many of us diabetics now use CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) technology to track our blood sugar levels. Development of the CGM was truly a leap forward in managing diabetes. For those of you who do not know how a CGM works, the hardware is a transmitter that clicks into a sensor which is then attached […]

Dexcom 6 Is A Big Step Forward

I currently wear the Dexcom 5 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and really like what it does for me. I am now convinced that every Type I diabetic should be wearing a CGM. It gives you so much better information and it's almost simultaneous (5 minute delay).  The Dexcom 6 is now being rolled out and […]

CGMs: A Tale of Two Bodies

I have been struggling lately, managing the highs and lows that comes with being a Type I diabetic. So I made an appointment with my endocrinologist to review my glucose monitor readings and see if there is anything else I should be doing. We both agreed that it might be worth trying out a Continuous […]

AHCA, the Better Care Reconciliation Act and Diabetes

Healthcare reform is always a fraught issue for diabetes. Most of us diabetics pay close attention to find out where we stand. In this case the devil, once again, is in the details. The Republican House plan, the American Health Care Act, and the Senate version called the Better Care Reconciliation Act both get nasty […]

Artificial Pancreas News

Bigfoot Biomedical will soon be offering a closed loop system that includes an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring device. Their system includes some advancements from the first generation of these systems. One important one is that it automatically monitors and regulates the basal insulin level. As a Type I diabetic, I have shied […]

Have An Artificial Pancreas New Year!

Okay,maybe this only important to a select few, but there really were some breakthroughs in diabetes management technology this year. And next year the first real combined continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump goes on the market. Forget the cure they have been promising for decades. This is truly a technological breakthrough for Type I […]

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Takes Another Step Forward

The Dexcom 5 has been approved by the FDA for use in place of daily finger stick testing. This is a big deal. Until now Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) have been classified as something to use along with finger stick testing. This ruling by the FDA is one more step forward toward the holy grail of […]