Things You Should Know If You Are Diabetic

10 of them to be precise including my favorite, "You are strongest when you feel the weakest." Thanks Insulin Nation for compiling this list.

Wellness 2.0

Since all the hullabaloo last year about 23 and Me, the whole area of genetic profiling has taken several more steps forward. Biotech legend Lee Hood is betting $36 million that there is a consumer market for "scientific wellness." By that he means using individualized genetic information along with actual health data to develop a […]

Trends in Healthcare and Reducing Costs

The cost of healthcare this year will remain at historic lows. For 2013, healthcare costs rose 3.6%. For 2014, the rate of increase will be similar. There are several important trends that will help keep costs contained. First, digital tools enable a more "do it yourself" approach to managing one's healthcare. Second, price transparency is […]

Apple Announcement as a Healthcare Issue

Apple made two big announcements yesterday, from a healthcare technology perspective. It introduced the iPhone 6 which features several new health apps, and the Apple Watch which contains an accelerometer, heart monitor, and links to the iPhone GPS.  Both the Watch and the apps are riding the trend of enabling consumers to take control of […]

Why Healthcare Costs Don’t Need to Continue to Rise

Three trends are converging to bring down healthcare costs: price transparency, adoption of Electronic Healthcare Records and mobile technology. According to Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser, capitation encourages cost reduction with no drop off in care. The Kaiser way does not involve price transparency for patients other than their monthly insurance cost. Kaiser keeps costs […]

Who knows how much it costs? University of Utah does.

It's pretty hard to reduce costs in healthcare if you don't know how much things costs. Really. Most hospitals do not have a handle on how much it costs to provide care for patients. That is astounding to most of us since we know how much the bills are when we get them. We also […]

Mobile World Congress and Diabetic Management

This  is a follow up to my most recent post on mobile apps. A blogger from Tech Soup posted this report at the Mobile World Congress. Much of the report is about how the cost of access for mobile apps will be coming down. That is good news, of course, but apps focused on diabetes […]

Assessing Surgical Risk

Here is a super cool tool for assessing the risks of various surgeries. It is being used by both surgeons and patients. I used it for my recent surgery and both my surgeon and I agree it was quite accurate. A recent peer reviewed study confirms its efficacy. Check it out! 

Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be This Difficult to Figure Out

I have been there: frustrated and confused over how to get insurance with a pre-existing condition. In my case the condition is Type I diabetes. As the current pool of non-insured adults reviews its options under the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare, they are still confused and therefore hesitant to get in line […]