Wellness Programs No Longer “Nice to Haves”

Wellness and disease management programs have moved from "interesting ideas" to quantifiable programs that affect the bottom line for many companies. Humana has published data recently of programs that have slashed unscheduled absences and reduced monthly claim costs. Thjs may seem like old news but it's the data that is getting notice. Here is some […]

Neuromodulation Is Getting Hotter

About three years ago I had a meeting in Seattle with a company that felt they were on the verge of a breakthrough in treating depression and Parkinson's disease. They had terrific results in their clinical trials. They just needed to raise another round of financing to be able to finish their clinical studies and […]

Diabetic Athletes Get Some Attention

For those of you who have been following this blog for some time, you know how frustrated I am about the lack of understanding and support in the medical community for us diabetics who are physically active. No offense, but I am not talking about people who regularly walk to stay fit. Nothing wrong with […]

The Battle Over Healthcare

With all the bluster over government shut downs, the battle over ACA took a back seat for a while according to Kaiser Health News. The shrillness of the debate overlooks the the truly terrible performance of the ACA website and the actual implementation of health insurance on the state exchanges. 

Getting 20 Somethings to Sign Up for Health Insurance

Okay, so the NFL is not going to help. In a just published Kaiser Family Foundation poll, over two-thirds of the uninsured feel that having health insurance is very important to them personally. So why aren't they covered right now? Two reasons: fear of the cost and lack of information on what exactly it is offered […]

Mimicking Nature: the Animas Insulin Pump and Monitoring Device

For decades, the diabetic community has been tantalized by medical technology promising a cure for Type I diabetes. While recent research with rats shows provise for an easier transplant of the islets of Langerhans inside the pancreas to restart insulin production bythe body, an actual cure is still far away. In the meantime, J&J's Animas […]

What the Oregon Medicaid Study Really Tells Us

For those of you who really follow healthcare reform in a substantive way, the recently released Oregon Medicaid Study is a milestone. It's the first study of its kind that looks at a randomized group of Medicaid recipients vs. non-recipients. What they found out, not surprisingly, is that the data is complex and not easy […]

The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Dr. Eric Topol has written an extraordinarily interesting book called The Creative Destruction of Medicine. As part of breaking down and remaking the profession, he uses cell phone technology to do medical imaging, and to allow patients to monitor their own blood sugar levels, vital signs, etc. What I find striking about this approach is […]

Wow! A Fascinating Article on Healthcare Costs

Time Magazine recently published what may be the best and most comprehensive story ever published on healthcare costs and healthcare reform. Steven Brill should get a Pulitzer Prize for this.

Exercising Your Right to Better Health As a Diabetic

Fear motivates me to stay in shape. As a diabetic, fear of blindness and loss of limbs are big motivators. So is fear of massive stroke. Fear of pain would be up there too but, fortunately, I have never felt the pain of neuropathy, that pesky common condition for diabetics where your feet like they […]