High COVID-19 Death Rates Among Type I Diabetics

In general, Type I diabetics are 3.5 times more likely to die from the virus than the general population. Even more so than Type II's who typically have more co-morbidities. Researchers have had a hard time pinning down the causes for this. A likely candidate, though, is the fact that Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that makes us Type I's more susceptible to infection. It is also a greater challenge for us to maintain tight control of our diabetes. 

Here is an article with all the details.

Social distancing, wearing a mask, reducing all but the most necessary trips to the store: these are extra important for diabetics. I guess that means I'll be spending even more time cooking and playing the piano. And thank goodness for my wife of many years who helps me keep sane and healthy.

Stay safe, everyone.