Abbott Freestyle Libre CGM Just Upped Their Game by Teaming Up With Omada Health

I have written about Omada Health before as having a very interesting model of care for Type II diabetes. It is a more comprehensive approach that includes dealing with behavioral issues that hinder adherence to a responsible diet and exercise program, and a reliance on technology to make this happen.  It's solid. 

While Omada has worked on perfecting their approach, a marketing battle royale has emerged between the five or six largest pr0viders of Continuous Glucose Monitors to gain trial and build a profitable customer/patient base. Dexcom is the market leader. They have stayed in the lead with a better product. As a Type I diabetic, I tried a couple of different CGMs and settled in on the Dexcom 6. Systems like the FreeStyle Libre have struggled to find a niche in a dynamic marketplace that is driven by which insurance companies will authorize which systems. 

Omada works almost exclusively with Type II diabetics. By partnering with Omada, Abbott is staking out a strong, if smaller, position for their Freestyle Libre system.