AHCA, the Better Care Reconciliation Act and Diabetes

Healthcare reform is always a fraught issue for diabetes. Most of us diabetics pay close attention to find out where we stand. In this case the devil, once again, is in the details. The Republican House plan, the American Health Care Act, and the Senate version called the Better Care Reconciliation Act both get nasty in the details. One eliminates coverage for insulin (a very expensive drug to purchase on the open market) and the other allows insurance companies to offer incomplete insurance without the guaranteed benefits of the existing ACA plan.

The so-called reforms have little to do with healthcare and everything to do with tax cuts for the wealthiest households. As a side issue, there are still way too many under-informed Republican legislators who continue to blame diabetics for being diabetic.  This should not be a partisan issue. Hopefully the two sides can come together to make some common sense changes to the ACA that don't punish diabetics.