Uber for Health Anyone?

Much has been written about concierge healthcare. And there are numerous successful practices not the least of which is One Medical. The idea is to structure  the entire process in a way that makes sense to a specific type of healthcare consumer. One Medical caters to a youngish professional who prefers to handle everything digitally other than the actual time with the doctor. It works for this group. 

What about a mobile version of this? You know, doctoring via an Uber-like interface. You feeling sick? Contact the doctor with your mobile and she/he comes running to wherever you are in a matter of minutes. Sounds good. In theory.

As a Type I diabetic, I have medical issues that come up more often than the typical patient. I may have an episode of low blood sugar while at the gym. I may be traveling out of state and realize that I forgot to bring my insulin with me. (Both of these have happened to me.) Boy, would it be great if I could use an app on my phone to get a pharmacy or physician to take care of me! It's more complicated than you think. Here is the story of a physician who ran his own mobile clinic using his phone as the patient touchpoint.