Boomer Factoids and Truthiness

Let's face it. Way too much has been written about Baby Boomers. I follow several forums on the booming market for Boomer talk because I need to stay current on Boomer behavior especially in the areas of health and senior living. Boomer websites are filled with "factoids" that we commonly accept as the truth. However, […]

Wellness 2.0

Since all the hullabaloo last year about 23 and Me, the whole area of genetic profiling has taken several more steps forward. Biotech legend Lee Hood is betting $36 million that there is a consumer market for "scientific wellness." By that he means using individualized genetic information along with actual health data to develop a […]

We’re Not Gonna Take It

I read an article by Martin Bayne recently that I thought I should share. Martin has made a career out of being an advocate for the aging specifically through his interest in Long Term Care. The issue is how Baby Boomers view the aging process and the prospect of moving into an Assisted Living community. […]

White House Conference on Aging

This once per decade event is coming up. See how you can get involved.

Making Diabetes Affordable

Actually, I am talking about the cost of diabetes testing equipment. For years the cost of testing strips has bee so high that insurance companies carefully monitor monthly usage to make sure that they are not paying for anything beyond what the doctor prescribed. Most diabetics who are serious about their care tend to use […]

Islet Cell Implantation Research

Type I diabetes destroys the islet cells that deliver insulin to the body. It's not fair. No matter how well I take care of my diabetes, in diet and exercise, the disease is relentless. If I could simply add islet cells back into my pancreas I wouldn't be diabetic any longer. Easier said than done. […]

What To Keep And What To Let Go

We are in the midst of a major remodel. We are splitting our two-story classic Victorian home into two flats. One of the first obstacles to overcome in getting ready to move from a two-story house to a one-story flat is dealing with the amazing amounts of "stuff" we have stashed into every nook and […]

Watching the Apple Watch

One very cool feature of the Apple watch is the ability to check and graph my blood sugar levels. As a diabetic, having this essential function right on the watch is great. I can also share the graphed information with my physician who is looking for trends in my management of my diabetes. I like […]