The Quest for an Artificial Pancreas

More correctly, we are talking about an artificial pancreas system. Using technology, there have been some real breakthroughs in mimicking the pancreas for Type I diabetics recently. We have synchronized continuous measurement glucometers to track blood sugar levels now linked with pumps to administer the necessary insulin. The latest advancement is adding glucogon to the mix. Rather than just dosing us with insulin alone, the Tandem t:slim now offers a dual hormone system that includes insulin to counter high blood sugar and glucogon to treat low blood sugar.

I am a highly active diabetic who often flirts with hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) reactions. And the tough part for me is that the incidents I do have often happen at night while I am sleeping. While I am not sure I always need a boost of glucogon, it would be nice to have it available to my closed loop measurement/dispenser device. Especially while I sleep.

There are various clinical trials going on now using the t:slim system. I am watching this one closely.