Actos Verdict: What It Means for Diabetics

The market for treatent of diabetes is vast, so is the money that can be made. This verdict is a cautionary tale about admitting a problem and taking one's losses at the right time. The right time when it is clear that there is clinical evidence of a problem. The data doesn't lie. If you let anything else get in the way of accepting bad news and dealing with it honestly and openly, you are just going to add fuel to the fire as this story indicates. 

For diabetics, we rely on our doctors to help us manage our conditions. Our doctors, in turn, rely on drug manufacturers to be truthful about any and everything concerning a drug that is being prescribed. It's not the doctors' fault when something went wrong, nor was it our fault as diabetics. A little truth a lot sooner would have saved Takeda and Eli Lilly huge amounts of money and, more importantly, credibility.