Usage of Diabetic Mobile Apps Lower Than Expected

With the popularity of fitness apps, especially those worn on the wrist, you would think most diabetics would find good uses for at least one the 1100 apps now available and yet only 1.2% are using them according to a recent study. The main problem is that they still require a lot of manual input rather than lifting data directly from the glucometer and other devices that diabetics use every day. This may seem like a simple thing and yet here we are with too many gadgets that proudly feature bells and whistles without the basics. Glooko may be on the verge of changing this with their newly FDA approved device. Check it out.

Glooko addresses the most basic problem: data upload and download. There is still the behavioral element of changing one's diet and exercise regimes. Maybe, just maybe, between Glooko and Omada Health, we may see a significant advance in managing diabetes through the use of technology. I am watching it carefully!