Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be This Difficult to Figure Out

I have been there: frustrated and confused over how to get insurance with a pre-existing condition. In my case the condition is Type I diabetes. As the current pool of non-insured adults reviews its options under the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare, they are still confused and therefore hesitant to get in line to sign up for a plan, according to a recently published national survey. Word is not getting out on how to evaluate and sign up for these plans. It's a shame, really, because these new plans are long overdue for those of us who have had to struggle over the years to get insurance coverage. Too many scare tactics on one side of the political aisle and a very meager effort to educate on the other side have contributed to this lamentable situation. I am hoping the better angels of both political parties will step up and make sure the uninsured get the information they need to make intelligent choices going forward. Is that too much to ask?