The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Dr. Eric Topol has written an extraordinarily interesting book called The Creative Destruction of Medicine. As part of breaking down and remaking the profession, he uses cell phone technology to do medical imaging, and to allow patients to monitor their own blood sugar levels, vital signs, etc. What I find striking about this approach is […]

Wow! A Fascinating Article on Healthcare Costs

Time Magazine recently published what may be the best and most comprehensive story ever published on healthcare costs and healthcare reform. Steven Brill should get a Pulitzer Prize for this.

Exercising Your Right to Better Health As a Diabetic

Fear motivates me to stay in shape. As a diabetic, fear of blindness and loss of limbs are big motivators. So is fear of massive stroke. Fear of pain would be up there too but, fortunately, I have never felt the pain of neuropathy, that pesky common condition for diabetics where your feet like they […]

Affordable Care Act Puts Onus on Insurers

As 2014 approaches, so does the implementation phase of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). Critical to its successful rollout is getting the majority of the uninsured into health plans, whether through the state exchanges, Medicaid or directly through private insurers. I am reposting this nifty video produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation that explains […]