Understanding Healthcare Reform

Everyone in the world of healthcare–doctors, hospitals, medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and, of course, consumers–has urgent reasons to learn how the Affordable Care Act really works. There has been far too much punditry about it and not nearly enough good information being shared. Here is a great little video thanks to the […]

Will Data Supplant Doctor Insights in Diagnosis?

Yes it will. It must. This is not an indictment of physician fallibility but an acknowledgment that more and more data is being collected from patients, and the tools for analyzing it are getting more sophisticated. For savvy doctors, this should be a boon, making their jobs easier and more efficient. Efficiency. Crunching patient data […]

Chronic Conditions: Why Disease Management Programs Fail

 As a Type I diabetic, I enthusiastically endorse any attempts to give people with chronic health conditions like mine greater control over their health. We all need to take more personal responsibility for our health, and disease management programs offer tools to make this easier and therefore more productive. The problem is that they rarely […]

Nutritional Intelligence

While most of my posts include information about marketing, I have been on a nutrition jag for the last few months. I can't help it. Nutrition has become a bellwether for public health in the United States. It will continue to have an increasing effect on the general health of both children and adults and […]

Wal-mart Makes Healthy Foods More Affordable

It's not often that I have kind words for Wal-mart but they are joining forces with Humana to offer what they are calling "preventive care in its purest form": healthy food at a lower price. Humana members will get a 5% credit on 1300 food items, all of which are healthy and nutritious. Soaring childhood […]

How The Cheesecake Factory May Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

It's no secret that, regardless of our vastly different political leanings on the subject, the cost of American healthcare must come down. Dr. Atul Gawande consistently offers real insights into how to do this. As a practicing surgeon and writer of considerable influence, Dr. Gawande now offers a unique look at how a successful restaurant […]

McDonald’s McFatties

The issue of childhood obesity will not be going away anytime soon. With fast food, and McDonald's in particular, having such a huge market share vs. its main competitor: preparing food from scratch, McD's menu is actually a public policy issue. Childhood obesity has causal links to Type II diabetes. The cost of unhealthy eating […]

The Costs of Aging

While we all will face our mortality at some point, those of us with aging parents are already there on a regular basis. How we treat our elders is a medical, economic and moral issue that will only loom larger as more people live longer. The longevity revolution that has ushered in unprecedented growth of […]

Job Opportunities

I am currently looking for a designer/production artist to handle heavily templated work in the high technology field. Specifically, the production artist for this project needs to be using the following tools on a regular basis:        – Adobe Suite including InDesign      – Photoshop      – Illustrator. The creative team […]

Hearing Loss Genetics: the Future of Fast, Affordable Hearing Loss Screening

Looking to the future of hearing loss diagnostics, there is work being done to dramatically bring down the cost of screening for hearing loss at the molecular level. While most hearing loss is sensorineural and comes with age, there are significant younger patient populations who have loss due to genetic causes. Eliot Shearer of the […]