3 Trends to Watch on Curbing Healthcare Costs

As you know, I am on a long rant about bringing down the cost of health care at the point of care rather than focusing on the healthcare insurance companies. The for-profit insurance companies are driven by profits. They have no particular incentive to bring down the overall cost of healthcare. Efficiencies they realize will […]

Soft Medicare Fraud

Not nearly enough attention is being paid to the cost side of medical care in the US. Medicare has always been a target for fraud which then drives up the cost of the program for everyone. Sometimes misuse of the program is less blatant and takes the form of "entrepreneurial" medical practices like those of […]

Patient Centered Medical Homes Improves Diabetic Care

Not surprisingly, a coordinated approach to diabetic care improves outcomes. As a chronic condition, diabetes requires a multidisciplinary medical approach and one that involves the patient in a significant way. This Joint Commission report is strong evidence that this approach works.