ASA Presentation on Practice Management Tools and Technology

John Luna and I presented the results of our Practice management survey report at the national meeting of the American Society on Aging on Friday, April 29th. The study has generated a lot of discussion in the audiology profession. We plan to do some follow up specifically around the use of social media and the CRM function within practice management software. 

In talking with people at the conference, I remain convinced that the hearing healthcare profession still needs to do a lot more advocacy work on behalf of those who are suffering from hearing loss. There are still many misconceptions to be overcome. Similarly, from a public policy standpoint, there has been very little movement towards getting hearing health treatment covered as a medical benefit. 

Unlike vision care, hearing care still has a stigma attached to it. Until we address this in a meaningful way at the policy level, the industry will be limited in its ability to address hearing loss of the oncoming wave of 77 million baby boomers who are starting to turn 65 this year.