Social Media Tools You Can Use

If you haven't yet discovered, you are in for a treat. It's the easiest, most comprehensive tool I have seen yet for updating the social networks you use. It does it all at one time. Any professional who is considered an expert at anything, and who is using other social media to post content, […]

Want vs. Need

Ad Age pubished an interesting article on the changing consumer perceptions about what they want vs. what they need. They want a spa treatment but they need internet connectivity. They want designer clothes but they need a mobile phone. A health club membership would be nice but routine healthcare is essential. They want a pet […]

Hey fellow diabetics: they may be on to something here!

The holy grail of treating Type I diabetes is an integrated system that combines a continuous blood sugar monitoring system with an insulin delivery system. Medtronic has such a system in clinical trials right now. The key to this treatment approach is that the insulin delivery changes according to the data from the monitoring system–in […]

Surrendering to Facebook

I'm not sure I like the idea of surrendering my business identity or my personal identity to algorithms devised by Google, Facebook and the plethora of online rating systems, each of whom is trying to second guess me. They all assure me that whatever they are doing is for my own good especially if I […]

California Rate Regulation Still In the Wings

Despite continual rate increases, healthcare insurance rate relief in California is still not politically viable according to the S.F. Chronicle and the L.A. Times. While the insurance companies and the political forces battle this one out, the real drivers of healthcare costs remain woefully under-examined. We desperately need more research on how to get people […]

Simple Rules for Social Media on the Job

If you as an employer are wondering where to draw the line, check out this video    .

3 Trends to Watch on Curbing Healthcare Costs

As you know, I am on a long rant about bringing down the cost of health care at the point of care rather than focusing on the healthcare insurance companies. The for-profit insurance companies are driven by profits. They have no particular incentive to bring down the overall cost of healthcare. Efficiencies they realize will […]

Soft Medicare Fraud

Not nearly enough attention is being paid to the cost side of medical care in the US. Medicare has always been a target for fraud which then drives up the cost of the program for everyone. Sometimes misuse of the program is less blatant and takes the form of "entrepreneurial" medical practices like those of […]

Patient Centered Medical Homes Improves Diabetic Care

Not surprisingly, a coordinated approach to diabetic care improves outcomes. As a chronic condition, diabetes requires a multidisciplinary medical approach and one that involves the patient in a significant way. This Joint Commission report is strong evidence that this approach works.

Health Insurers Use Their Own Clinics to Trim Cost of Care

Trimming the cost side of healthcare by offering innovative and more effective delivery of treatment is the silver bullet of real healthcare reform. According to this article in the Kaiser Health News, Bravo Health of Philadelphia has opened their own urgent care clinics to bring down the cost of treating their Medicare patients. And the […]