Implantable Glucose Monitor: Have They Finally Gotten It Right?

A San Diego-based device company has just finished successful trials for a continuous blood glucose monitor that is implanted in the lower abdomen. The device emits a blood glucose measurement every two minutes. In these initial animal trials, the monitoring device proved to be highly effective over a period of at least 7 and up to 17 months. For those of us with diabetes, this is one half of the holy grail, the other half being an insulin pump that works in unison with the monitor to keep keep the diabetic body's glucose at optimum levels. The device company, Glysens, is now seeking permission to conduct clinical trials on humans as the next step. 

While 7 months of effective monitoring is too short an interval for an implantable device, 17 months is approaching an acceptable time frame for someone like me who has been monitoring my glucose level via blood test strips involving 4-7 finger pricks per day. I'll be watching these clinical trials closely as should every diabetic who is serious about gaining better control over their diabetes.