East Bay United: Champions in Dublin and in Berkeley

EBU Berkeley 2010 
East Bay United, from left to right, KayKay Alexander, Anton Haynes, DMarcus Thompson, Stan Caldwell, Art Alexander, Dan Zehr, Reggie Smith, Paul Reiter and Chris Ballard (not shown).  Undefeated in the Berkeley league, and champions in both Berkeley and Dublin, CA, EBU continues to dominate the Bay Area leagues. Sunday night was a hard fought contest against the defending champions–a come-from-behind, grind-it-out defensive effort. Last night was the culmination of a 10-game statement of "don't even think you can beat us" basketball with signature dunks by Reggie, artful guard play by Anton, big blocks by KayKay, and the usual strong team effort by everyone who stepped out onto the court. Kudos to Stan, Paul, Anton and Reggie for getting it done in both leagues. After a run of 21-1 over the past three months, the team will be looking for new challenges in the Fall.