Hearing Industry Practice Management Survey Now Available

In June of this year, 2010, we fielded a national survey with the goal of taking the pulse of both audiologists and hearing instrument specialists on the subject of practice management. Over the past 5 years, the issue of how to manage the business side of hearing aid dispensing has become increasingly important, especially to […]

“Feediatrics”: Doctors Who Understand Food Preparation May Be the Secret to Reducing Healthcare Utilization and Costs

It's my own term, but I think "feediatrics" has a place in the healthcare debate as a way to address the cost side of healthcare delivery. The federal 2010 Dietary Guidelines, to be released in December, will identify obesity as the nation's greatest public health threat. Diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea and a […]

FDA: Keeping Up with the Flood of Pharma Ads

Much has been written about truth in advertising in pharmaceutical advertising. The FDA has admitted they can't keep up with all of the ads coming out of traditional media like TV and magazines. And they can't even begin to monitor new media where much of the current action is. So what can be done? Well, […]

Future of Public Hospitals as Private Hospitals?

Having worked on projects with public hospitals over the past few years, I got a taste of how complicated their funding is and how difficult their jobs are in taking all patients regardless of ability to pay. In these lean times, healthcare costs keep getting pushed further down the food chain. While most public hospitals […]

The Dog Ate My Homework, Or Was It My Toe?

After a pitcher of margaritas, Jerry Doutthet fell asleep and the dog ate his toe. That’s right, he didn’t wake up until the toe was already gone. Yeah, I think that might get me to the doctor to get my Type II diabetes treated. Bad dog, Kiko.

Overcoming the Public/Private Divide in Alzheimer’s Research

Sometimes, health problems get so big that all parties involved in the diagnosis and treatment business need to put aside personal ambition, academic glory and immediate company profits, and work together to find a solution. Somehow this has happened in a big way for Alzheimer's research.  The NIH, the FDA, academic researchers and various medical […]

Mississippi Looks to Iran for Healthcare Ideas

In the latest edition of the AARP Bulletin, there is a fascinating article on how Mississippi is taking a close look at Iranian village health houses as a solution to bringing much needed healthcare resources to the rural areas of the Mississippi delta. This unlikely scenario came about due to a collaboration between pediatrician Dr. […]

Implantable Glucose Monitor: Have They Finally Gotten It Right?

A San Diego-based device company has just finished successful trials for a continuous blood glucose monitor that is implanted in the lower abdomen. The device emits a blood glucose measurement every two minutes. In these initial animal trials, the monitoring device proved to be highly effective over a period of at least 7 and up to […]

Why US Healthcare Lags Behind Other Developed Countries

According to a new report just released by the Commonwealth Fund, a private healthcare foundation, the US ranks last among seven developed countries in healthcare quality. Their measures skew heavily towards access where the US still fares poorly despite the new healthcare reform act. The issue of access is closely tied to equity or affordability: […]

Hearing Healthcare Professionals Weigh In On Consumer Reports: Are Their Findings About Hearing Aids Accurate?

The Hearing Journal, in conjunction with Audiology Today, has just published the results of their bi-annual survey of readers. This survey provides a great overview of what is on the minds of the hearing aid dispensing community. The overriding theme from Hearing Journal readers, most of whom are hearing professionals who dispense hearing aids, was […]