EB United Wins Again

It's our nature. We win basketball games. D Block came into the league expressly to knock us off our throne. They couldn't. Despite missing our lead scorer, Teion Conner, we dominated every aspect of the game. Our bigs, Paul, June, Erv and Tyrone, finally cleaned up the boards they way they should for every game. Erv and Ty also put up some big blocks, so big that the entire D Block team just gave up on going inside the paint. 

Anton was juiced for the whole game. He raised his defensive game a couple of notches, making some key steals and generally harassing both the guards and the big men of the D Block team. He also hit some big threes that kept the margin of victory comfortable. He and June hooked up in the second half for numerous feeds to the post that June finished practically every time. In general, the scoring was spread around well throughout the entire team. D-Money, Tim and Paul all connected from the three-point line. Vez was hitting consistently from the arc.

Doug Harris brought out a team from the Discovery Channel to scout us for a future film about  Berkeley Late Night Basketball. We definitely gave them an entertaining game with a finale that included a dramatic ejection of Dorvez Barnett after some questionable non-calls by our esteemed referee team. Hey, we play with passion! Thanks to June, Vez calmed down enough to take his medicine after the game from Juanita and the rest of the team.

I can't finish this post without a shout-out to Erv for throwing himself to the floor in pursuit of a loose ball. Not only did he get the ball, he controlled it and passed it forward to Anton WHO BLEW THE LAY-UP!

EB United is now at the top of the league with playoffs scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, November 21st. Should be some good basketball that night!