East Bay United: Still the Late Night Basketball Favorite

Friday night, October 3rd, Berkeley Late Night Basketball kicked off its fall season with a new lineup of six teams rather than four. The idea is to add more competition to a league that East Bay United has dominated for the last several seasons. While there are a couple of intriguing new teams who have recruited some of the more dominant players in East Bay basketball, EB United still looks like the team to beat. The Young Stunnas kept it close in the first half but couldn't keep up the pace. Final score: East Bay United 60, Young Stunnas 37.

In addition to last season's starting five of Dorvez Barnett, Erv Anderson, Paul Reiter, Teion Conner and point guard Anton Hayes, we have brought back a couple of former teammates, June Jackson and D-Money, along with a high flying new comer Ty Witherspoon, and rock solid guard Tim Wilder. Anton set the tone early with strong moves to the basket and aggressive defending. D-Money was on fire from the 3-line and Dorvez followed up with his own personal storm of threes. If that wasn't enough, Paul backed up and knocked down a few threes as well. 

The real story, though, was the defense. After a few problems with rebounding in the first half, our front line of Erv, June, Paul and Ty just shut the Young Stunnas out of the paint for the entire second half. To add insult to injury, Erv and Ty rejected any shot within 10 feet of the basket. The Stunnas managed just 16 points in the second half.

Tim put in some excellent minutes at point, breaking down the defense and then dishing to our inside players for easy buckets. Anton and Ty hooked up for an electrifying dunk. June's inside game came alive in the second half. Teion's absence in this game was hardly noticed. Everyone else picked up the slack and took care of business.

Next up is the Goon Squad at 7 pm this Friday night at the Berkeley West Campus gym.