Public Policy: Bridging Profit and Non-Profit Worlds

For the most part, our work is done for clients, however, we feel compelled to participate in public policy issues, from time to time. In this spirit we conduct original research, on our dime, to dig deeper into topics that interest us. One area where we have contributed is in our role as a bridge between the for-profit world of business and industry, and the non-profit world of public interest organizations and government agencies serving the senior population. It is our contention that much of the product and service innovation for seniors takes place in the non-profit arena, but non-profit executives often lack the business experience to figure out how to make new services thrive as business enterprises. Non-profits and business could both profit from increasing their dialogue and their willingness to join forces to develop better and more interesting products and services. Our national "50 on 65" study took on the issue of product development.