Case Studies

Case studies demonstrate how we think about client problems and how we address them. I have included several here that you may find interesting.

Practice Management Survey Report is a recent study, done with an eye towards moving the practice of audiology and hearing aid dispensing towards a more technologically sophisticated approach to managing patient care.

The Vibrant Soundbridge is an excellent piece of technology for treating moderate to severe hearing loss. Unfortunately, it faced major problems in gaining the trust of audiologists who are the gatekeepers of treating hearing loss.

Dynesys, a treatment for stabilizing the spine, created a unique problem for us in figuring out how to communicate its superiority without explicitly mentioning a primary feature of the product due to regulatory constraints. We used an iterative research approach to uncover insights and apply them to communicate with a very discriminating audience.

Targis needed a way to position itself as the preferred treatment in a category filled with alternative treatments. Through a benefit laddering process, we isolated the emotional drivers of our audience and created a unique brand structure for this product. 

In each case, the answers came out of a structured approach to gathering intelligence that has become a hallmark of Verve Marketing. You’ll also see how we applied what we learned in meaningful, practical ways.