Treating Diabetic Neuropathy

For anyone who has dealt with neuropathy, otherwise known as nerve pain, it is entirely different from muscle pain and can be debilitating. Most of us who are diabetic have had either bouts of it or suffer from ongoing neuropathy. Very often it strikes in the bottoms of our feet. It sucks. Now that Neurolace […]

Another step closer to a fully integrated insulin pump and CGM system

Some amazing things are going on in bringing us closer to “smart” integrated system. Dexcom and Tandem are the partners.

Latest Developments with Dexcom

Dexcom is the premier CGM system in the marketplace today. It’s not perfect and it’s not cheap but it is the standard. I use it and am quite happy with it other than the fact that with the Dexcom 6 they built in a forced expiration after 10 days of usage. This is American capitalism […]

COVID-19 and Diabetes

Evidence suggests that people with diabetes are more likely to suffer severe symptoms wen contracting COVID-19. The CORONADO Study provides the details.

Artificial Pancreas Closed Loop System for Children

Tandem has been working for a while on making their closed loop system (insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor) more automated. This facilitates usage by younger children. They are getting some very promising results.

High COVID-19 Death Rates Among Type I Diabetics

In general, Type I diabetics are 3.5 times more likely to die from the virus than the general population. Even more so than Type II's who typically have more co-morbidities. Researchers have had a hard time pinning down the causes for this. A likely candidate, though, is the fact that Type I diabetes is an […]

New Studies Show Improved Software for Closed Loop System Is Helping Young Diabetics Stay in Range

I am very thankful for new developments in refining the closed loop system (pump + smart Continuous Glucose Monitor). This story is definitely worth a read.

The Importance of Sleep for Diabetics

Sleep is important for everyone but for diabetics, even more so. As a diabetic athlete, I have always thought that my lifestyle which includes heavy regular exercise along with a vegetarian diet would mitigate many of the long-terms effects of diabetes. After reading Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep, I now realize that sleep may be […]

Diabetes and the Coronavirus

Tracey Brown, CEO of the American Diabetes Association, speaks out on the perils of being diabetic during the Coronavirus outbreak.